Monday, June 6, 2011

Why the heck are you going to Africa, Danielle?!

Dear friends and family,
                As many of you know, I will be traveling to Sierra Leone, Africa this summer to work with a ministry called Mercy Ships. I will be there from early August through April of 2012.  This opportunity has been a long time coming, as I have been seeking opportunities to serve overseas for the past 2 years, and finally God has opened this door for me!  I’m so excited about where I’m going and what I will be doing, I hope that you will all share in my excitement and stay in touch while I’m gone! 
                Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.  They follow the two-thousand year-old model of Jesus Christ, by bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor, and by seeking to be the face of love in action, serving people without regard to race, gender, or religion. 
                In February, 2011, Mercy Ships docked in Freetown, Sierra Leone and will be there until December. The first month was spent evaluating thousands of patients who traveled near and far in need of medical care, which is offered to them free of charge through Mercy Ships.  Personally, I will be working as a ward nurse on the ship, working with post-surgical patients. 
                God gave me a burden a few years ago for his people around the world who are lost and hurting, both physically and spiritually.  When I traveled to Mexico City in 2008 the Lord solidified His call on my life to share his love with the nations.   God’s desire has been for the whole world to know Him from the beginning of time, to the end when every tribe, tongue, and nation will be standing before Him worshiping Him (Rev 7:9).  And I want to be a part of that!
                I have been working at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee for the past two years, and I attended New Tribes Bible Institute this past year to help prepare me for my work with Mercy Ships and beyond. Now that classes are finished I am spending my last two months planning and preparing!
                I would love for you all to be a part of this with me by praying for me as I prepare and GO!  Some things you can pray for include:
              - For all paper work, logistics, and finances to come together
             - For the people I will be serving in Sierra Leone, that they will be able to see Christ lived out through me
             - For Mercy Ships to have a large impact on the overall physical/spiritual wellbeing of Sierra Leone, and not just a temporary relief
I will be doing my best to keep a blog while I’m away so you can all stay updated and keep in touch!  If you would like to learn more about Mercy Ships, and specifically the ship I will be serving on, the Africa Mercy, you can visit their website at
I’m so thankful to have you all partnering with me in prayer!  My work with Mercy Ships is volunteer and I will be providing my own finances for room, board, and travel.  However, if any of you would like to financially support me, you can do so by going to, choose “make a gift”, then “crewmates”, and then enter my name.  Financial gifts through Mercy Ships are tax deductible.  You can also make checks out to me if preferred. 
Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I look forward to sharing my stories and pictures with you!
Danielle Mode